About Us

I. About Us:
Lanh Nguyen Construction and trading company Limited was established in 2007. We import waterproofing material, water repellent, insulation, floor coating and distribute it in Viet Nam. We had cooperated with many leading manufactures and factories in the world made the products with high quality, durable, stable to fulfill the requirement of customers.
With the guarantee supply the high quality, we have the distributor system in Viet Nam.
With impressive slogan “Lanh Nguyen Co., Ltd - The best waterproofing solutions for all projects”, Lanh Nguyen continually made great efforts to overcome difficulties and reaffirm its capability.  
II. Products and services:
·         Torch membrane thickness 3mm, 4mm, 5mm with black, sand and mineral surface...
·         Self-adhesive membrane thickness 1 mm, 1,5mm, 2mm, 3mm with aluminum, black, sand and mineral surface...
·         Cristal cement.
·         Acrylic cementitious two components.
·         Bituminous water base, Solvent Base.
·         Acrylic membrane.
Insulation: Insulation for roof and wall.
Flooring coating: Silikal used for factories, Kitchen, Freezer Room, lobby…
Application flooring coating and waterproofing.
III. Mission :
Provide clients the perfect solution in waterproofing with products and services in the most convenient, quickest way in the floor coating and waterproofing in the construction. 
Set up the most efficient work environment in order to comprehensively develop each employee’s ability and talent. Bringing completely satisfy all needs and profits to the staffs and shareholders and contribute as much as possible to the country and society at the same time.
IV. Quality Policy:
Lanh Nguyen guarantee supply the best quality products as customer’s requirement. Continuously adjust the corporation’s operation in order to satisfy of customer and partner. Update the new products in our list products for services.
Operation: Wholeheartedly and quickly.
Nonstop train the human resource in operating. All members of the Corporation are committed to protect and steadily uplift the Lanh Nguyen prestige to guarantee “ Lanh Nguyen  supply The best solution in waterproofing and flooring coating”.
V. Customer policy:
 Lanh Nguyen Co., Ltd always tries to find a common language with our clients and partners, based on the concept that we can solve any issues satisfactorily in a spirit of equal respect and can arrange a win-win solution. We also aware that only cooperation based on good-will can bring good results and success to all parties. 
The Corporation should maintain cooperation and peaceful competition in all situations in our spirit and performance.
V. Staff policy: a
Staffs are the treasure of company, with this principle. Talents and ethical had been favorable and fair treatment for their jobs. Lanh Nguyen creates good conditions and good opportunities for talented people to achieve their best performance. Thanks to this policy, Lanh Nguyen has a talented and virtue team making Lanh Nguyen able to smooth operation.